Automated arm gates are an effective way to enhance security on a property. Yet, to get the most out of any gate, it is essential to follow best practices during installation and use. Here are some key points to consider and what they mean for you:


I. Proper Installation

    • Choose the Right Gate: Before installing a gate, choosing the right type of gate is key. There are several options, including swing, sliding, and vertical lift gates. Each options has its advantages and disadvantages. Factors such as the size of the property, the level of security required, and the available space will influence the choice of gate.
    • Hire a Professional Installer: Never try to undercut your installation budget. Electronic arm gates need specialized installation. Hiring a professional installer with the necessary expertise and experience is a necessity. A qualified installer will ensure that the gate is installed to your standards and that all safety features are in place.
    • Follow Building Codes: Following building codes and regulations are required when installing an automated arm gate. Failure to follow building codes can result in fines or legal action. A professional installer will be familiar with the relevant codes and will ensure that the gate meets all requirements.


II. Proper Use

    • Secure Access Control: Electronic gates are only effective if access control is secure. This means limiting access to authorized personnel only and ensuring that access codes and remotes are not shared or stolen. It is also important to regularly change access codes and to deactivate any lost or stolen remotes. We have a great blog on options for electronic access and other options here.
    • Consistent and Regular Maintenance Never Hurts: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your electric arm gates remain in good working order. This includes lubrication of moving parts, inspection of safety features, and cleaning components. A maintenance schedule needs to be followed to ensure that the gate is always functioning.
    • Keep Your Safety Features Working and Up to Date: Automated arm gates come with several safety features. These can include photoelectric sensors and emergency stop buttons. Always ensure that these features are in good working order and that they are inspected and maintained. Failure to maintain safety features can result in accidents or injuries.


III. Benefits of Automated Arm Gates

    • An Easy and Effective Security Upgrade: Automated arm gates provide enhanced security by limiting access. This helps to deter trespassers and intruders, reducing the risk of unwanted visitors.
    • Commercial Gate Automation is Convenient for Your Team: Automated arm gates provide convenience by allowing authorized personnel to enter and exit the property without having to leave their vehicles. This saves time and reduces the risk of accidents. As well, you don’t need to have someone working on the gate with the automated systems in place. That’s another security personnel you can have working other jobs at your facility.
    • They’re Not Visually Intrusive: Automated arm gates can enhance or match the aesthetics of a property by adding an element of style. Gates come in a range of designs, materials, and colors. Each custom installation allows owners to choose a gate that complements their property’s style.


Automated arm gates are an effective way to enhance security on a property. By following best practices during installation and use, property owners can enjoy the benefits of these gates. Contact a professional for more information on both installation and options for your property.