An automated gate is a great convenience and safety feature for a residential community, but for a business, it can also save time and money by allowing quicker ingress to and egress from your property. The right automated gate design is available for any property, from apartment complexes to gated neighborhoods, to parking lots, to factories, and parks and recreational facilities.

If you’re looking into installing a gate, you can choose one that opens by sliding, vertical pivot or swinging. You will also have a choice of power sources, including solar-powered, alternating current or batteries. If your gate gets a lot of use, then electricity is probably the best choice. It’s also cheapest to install and maintain.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the different types of gates.

    • Vertical pivot gates are recommended when space is at a premium. They work well on challenging terrain, including where there are drainage swales, contours, uneven driveways and curb notches. While automated vertical gates are exceptional in various areas, they aren’t always perfect. They may not be the optimal choice in areas prone to high winds. The vertical orientation of these gates makes them more susceptible to strong gusts. The wind can exert significant pressure and strain on the gate structure. Vertical gates do open and close
      quickly, and have few working parts so are easy to maintain.
    • Barrier arm gates are an alternative for simpler setups. Non gated areas as an example. Barrier gates offer physical access control systems consisting of a horizontal arm that pivots to block or grant entry to vehicles. They serve as a security and traffic management solution. Arm gates are typically found in parking lots, commercial properties, and gated communities. Arm gates regulate vehicle access by lowering or raising a horizontal bar, allowing authorized vehicles to pass. They enhance security and control traffic flow by connecting to other automated security systems. They’re a crucial component of access control systems in various environments.
    • Swing gates require the least maintenance of any gate style, having fewer parts. This simplicity contributes to their overall durability and reliability. They’re strong and reliable automated gates as they need minimal upkeep and have a low risk of malfunction. With swing gates, you can choose single or double.

A single gate will require less hardware, but more swing distance behind the gate. A heavy duty post is also needed. Cost is less, as you only need one gate and one automatic opener. However, it’s important to note that a single gate will need more swing distance behind the gate when opening and closing. This extra space allowance can be a limiting factor in areas with limited room. It is essential to consider the available space when selecting an automated single swing gate.

Double gates might be preferred if you want a classy look. They also require less swing distance, but will cost more: the gates need more hardware and an opener motor for each leaf. Automated double gates are favored by some for their elegant appearance and balanced aesthetic. They need less swing distance compared to single gates. They are a practical choice in areas where space is a concern, but budget is less so.

One caution: swing gates tend to be slower to open and close, so might be considered less secure than other types. This is an issue that won’t be solved by a different gate automation motor due to the nature of the design. It’s not an issue for many but it’s something to be aware of.

  • Slide gates are a good choice where space is tight and there is limited room for the gate to swing open. Slide gates are also preferred when there’s an upward slope on a driveway, where customers might misjudge the distance between their vehicles and the gate as it swings open. Slide gates do require maintenance, as tracks have to be kept clean and dirt-free, and there are moving parts to maintain. In addition, slide gates need space on the sides and level ground. Another negative is that they are noisy.

Slide gates are also considered the most secure style: once they are locked, they are resistant to wind, and because they open and close fast, there’s less opportunity to breach security.

Automated Gate Opener Accessories

Regardless of which gate design is right for your business, you will also want to give plenty of thought when choosing your automated gate opener and accessories, including keypads, remotes, video intercom systems, car detectors, electric locks, Wi-fi intercoms and other equipment.