Commercial Roll-up Overhead Doors: Low Maintenance Space Savers

Roll-up overhead doors are a low-maintenance option for your commercial garage door entranceway. Roll-up doors coil up above the door opening around a drum, taking up much less space than a sectional overhead garage door. Rolling doors typically use heavy-gauge steel formed into 2- to 3-inch interlocking slats.

Maintenance is low because parts are protected and concealed in the coil, so they are less exposed to elements and possible damage from forklifts and other machinery. Sectional doors require frequent lubrication, and exposure of the parts may cause rust and corrosion; spring and cables are more likely to fray or break, resulting in dangerous conditions that might lead to accidents.

Materials Make Overhead Doors More Durable

Stronger steel and the interlocking slats make overhead coiling doors quite durable. Some other advantages of this type of garage door are:

  1. They are hard to break into. The solid construction makes it challenging for a thief to defeat and enter the building.
  2. Some overhead coiling doors are available in insulated models, which combine metal and foam. The foam provides significant insulation, which keeps heat and cold out as needed. This means you save money on energy bills, as the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard.
  3. Roll-up doors are known for keeping external noises out. This is a great boon to your business’s interior if it’s in a noisy industrial area or on a busy street.
  4. Roll-up doors, typically made of heavy-duty aluminum or steel, are built to stand up to daily use. Aluminum doors in particular are rust-resistant; roll-up doors are also strong enough to withstand wind and hard rains. A quality roll-up door will last a long time.

At Sacs Door and Gate Corp. we can explain the difference between roll-up overhead doors and sectional doors, and help you decide which is the best for your operation.