Commercial Roll-up Overhead Doors Save Space, Need Little Upkeep

Roll-up overhead doors are a low-maintenance option for your commercial garage or loading dock entrance. These types of garage doors coil up around a drum that’s mounted above the door opening, so they take up much less overhead space than a sectional overhead door.

Not much door maintenance is needed with a roll-up garage door because parts are protected inside the coil, so they are less exposed to outside elements and to possible damage from forklifts and other machinery. This gives them an advantage over sectional garage doors, which require frequent lubrication, and whose parts are susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Roll-up overhead doors have less moving parts than their sectional counterparts, meaning less risk of damage and less risk of breakage. Roll-up overhead doors are probably the least frequent commercial door repairs we perform, simply because their opening/closing mechanism is simple and contained.

Material Options Make Overhead Doors More Durable

The thin, interlocking steel slats are what make overhead coiling doors quite durable. Sectional overhead doors, even if they’re also steel, are more susceptible to damage from impacts, whether they be from extreme weather or vehicle/machinery accidents. Some other advantages of roll-up garage doors are:

1. They are hard to break into. The solid, interlocking construction makes it challenging for a thief to get past it to enter the building.

2. Some overhead coiling doors are available in insulated models, which combine metal and foam in their construction. The foam provides significant thermal insulation, which keeps heat and cold out as needed. This means you save money on energy bills, as the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a steady internal temperature.

3. Roll-up overhead doors are better at keeping external noises out, which is great if your business is in a noisy industrial area or on a busy street.

4. Typically made of heavy-duty aluminum or steel, roll-up doors are built to stand up to daily use, and are strong enough to withstand wind and hard rains. Aluminum roll-up doors in particular are rust-resistant.

5. They save on space. A roll-up door goes directly upward when it opens, taking up only a small space at the header of the opening. This gives you more room for storage in your facility, and is especially useful in industrial settings.

We can explain the difference between roll-up overhead doors and sectional doors, and help you decide which commercial garage door option is the best for your operation. We are Sacramento’s foremost commercial door installation and repair company. We specialize in all types of commercial and industrial doors, including truck trailer doors, overhead doors we just discussed, and storefront doors and windows.

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