The Benefits of Installing a New Commercial Door

You probably wouldn’t buy a beautiful, expensive painting and then hang it up on the wall with strips of duct tape or nails hammered through the canvas. By the same token, you shouldn’t invest good money in a top-of-the-line commercial storefront door for your establishment without also taking care to make sure that it’s properly installed.

Your exterior doors, whether they’re commercial glass entry doors, wood or fiberglass, project the initial public image of your business. So, yes, choosing the right storefront doors and windows is integral to that image, but so is your choice of exterior door installers. Without proper door mounting, it really doesn’t matter what the doors look like if they don’t work correctly. It’s like getting a brand new car only to find out it’s a lemon.

Replacing your storefront door system should improve your business’ looks, function and energy efficiency. It’s a complete waste to retrofit your storefront doors and windows with a new look if it’s actually more broken down than before. You won’t attract loyal customers with something that’s pretty but non-functional. And you might even put loyal customers off, as they might wonder why you’d let a less-than-stellar exterior door installer do shoddy work on your building.

The True Expense of Poor Door Installation

The quality of your commercial door installation can affect whether your new door will continue to function as it’s meant to. Does it live up to its promises? If it’s a security door that suffers from a shoddy installation, whether it was hung wrong, the locking mechanisms don’t line up, or it doesn’t open and close properly – well then, it’s not really a security door, is it?

The same principles apply for any other type of door, especially public ports of entry to your business. You don’t want your automated exterior double doors failing to open and close properly, possibly accidentally assaulting a customer in the process. Or if your exterior wood door installation was done without proper attention to spacing (wood expands and contracts with temperature and humidity changes), good luck opening and closing that thing in the dead of the summer.

Careless installation, whether of a storefront door, overhead garage door or some other variety, can give rise to a whole host of problems down the line, and all of them are going to cost you more money than it would have to just choose the most reputable exterior door installer in your area.

Consequences of Careless Commercial Door Installation

Gaps and cracks in incorrectly-installed business doors –

  • Can allow vermin to enter the premises
  • Will hurt your ability to be energy efficient
  • Invite damage issues like corrosion, oxidation, or damage from said vermin

Security issues from poorly-hung exterior doors:

  • If the door stops closing properly, it takes one time for an employee not to double-check they shoved it shut for you to get broken into.
  • Lock mechanism corroding or malfunctioning make that door a weak spot

Undue breakdown of the door system can cause –

  • Expensive commercial door repairs that could have been avoided
  • Issues (once again, avoidable) that cause you to need to have the door replaced way before you should have had to
  • Problems with security, energy efficiency and daily function

Service, Installation & Maintenance for Your Commercial Doors

When you’re looking for a reputable company to perform a commercial door installation in the Sacramento or Seattle areas, SACS DOORS always makes sure the job is done right the first time. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians specialize in precision door installations, and are also qualified to service a wide range of exterior commercial doors, including storefront entry doors and windows, overhead rollup doors and garage doors of all types.

No matter the size, shape or material, we can install, maintenance and repair it. Working with our professional door installation crew on your commercial door systems long-term will help your doors meet and even outlast their expected lifespan.

We’ll also install and program any security door and gate automation, as well as provide continued service for any specialized commercial door hardware. We’d also be glad to consult with you about providing regular maintenance service for your doors to keep them working properly, and advise you on some simple, regular upkeep steps you can take yourself.

Ready to decide on a new exterior door for your business but aren’t sure of the options? Call us at 1-916-489-5043 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable professional who will help you find the commercial door install that’s just right for your business.