Secure Your Door With an Integrated Solution

Strong, properly installed security doors are a basic prerequisite for keeping your commercial property secure. They can do that job even more effectively when they’re made part of an integrated electronic security system.

To defend both your property and the safety of your employees, you’ve probably already invested in the installation of secure exterior doors and an alarm system for your business. Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether what you’ve got in place is sufficient to keep your commercial property protected, or whether you need to do more.

If you do choose to upgrade or replace the system you have now, you have plenty of options. The security industry has been working away busily to keep a step ahead of the burglars and vandals, and its advances in merging security doors with sophisticated hardware and smart systems are helping to make break-ins ever more difficult.

What’s a Security Door?

Typically a strong door made of a material such as steel, a security door is generally one that is installed to prevent illegal entry to the interior of a property from the outside. It might also be an interior door that’s meant to keep unwanted visitors out of certain rooms.

Whether they’re made of steel or some other material such as fiberglass, secure doors can be made harder to breach by adding special hardware such as a reinforced strike plate and door frame to keep the strike plate from being jimmied out of the frame, or a steel plate under or behind the deadbolt. Other extra door hardware to make your entry more impenetrable include door chains; hinge screws that keep doors from being pulled out after hinge pins are removed; and internal locks, including sliding bolts, hooks and bars. You can have a security door customized to include practically any specifications you might like.

To get an integrated protective door system, you can just add smart security features such as remote door lock control and cameras. A security door can also be integrated into an advanced authentication network, which can ensure that only authorized personnel are able to get into certain areas of your facility. By installing door access controllers, card readers or digital keypads, we can secure a single door, or connect multiple doors into the same system. That way, security information for your entire facility, inside and out, can be coordinated.

Having such a system will not only help keep your site free of unwanted intruders and property loss; your employees will also appreciate that they can feel safer in the workplace as they carry out their duties.

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