Secure Your Door With an Integrated Solution

At Sacsdoors, we understand you need secure doors, front and back. You’re concerned about financial losses from missing inventory and equipment, but you’re also concerned about the safety and well-being of your employees and customers. You’ve probably already invested in a strong door and some type of alarm system, but maybe you’ve been wondering what extra measures you might take to shore up your defenses.

These days, the security industry is working hard to keep a step ahead of the break-in artists and vandals. A major result of this effort is the merging of security doors with sophisticated hardware and smart systems that make break-ins more difficult for the felons.

What’s a Security Door?

A security door is generally understood as a door that prevents illegal entry to the interior of the property, but it might also be an interior door that keeps unwanted visitors out of certain rooms.

A security door is likely made of stronger material such as steel. Steel doors and doors made of other materials can be reinforced to be more secure by adding a reinforced strike plate and door frame to keep the strike plate from being jimmied out of the frame, or a steel plate installed under or behind the deadbolt. Other options include door chains; hinge screws that prevent doors from being pulled out after hinge pins are removed; and internal locks, including sliding bolts, hooks and bars.

Add a smart security system with remote door lock control and cameras, and you have an integrated security solution.

Sacsdoors is your Sacramento solution when the need to beef up security for your property arrives. Give us a call for a consultation about choosing the right security door and the hardware to go with it.