We’ve all seen a door sweep; the old ones were literally short push-broom bristles, but now many are plastic-based combination sweeps/seals. Often, you can install these yourself, some without even having to remove and re-install your storefront doors.

There are 6 kinds of door sweeps:

  1. Staple-on: requires removing door from frame
  2. Wrap-around: requires drilling into the door
  3. Slide-on: easily replaced by sliding one out and the other in
  4. Snap-in: can be installed without removing the door
  5. L-Shape: screws into the door
  6. Door Shoes: screwed into bottom of door, invisible once installed

Why are we so adamant about a business’ need for door sweeps on their storefront doors? Because, by sealing the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor, you:

  • Increase energy efficiency/R value of your business’ facility.
  • Decrease noise intrusion.
  • Keep out bugs.
  • Keep unwanted moisture out of your facility.
  • Deter rodents (only applies to nylon bristle door sweeps).

Door sweeps are a simple addition to your exterior commercial door hardware, and they’re not at all expensive or hard to install. In turn, they offer you plenty of possibility in terms of streamlining your facility’s operations and overhead costs. There really aren’t any downsides.