Quality Gate Service Ensures Smooth Operation

Your automated gate is crucial to the smooth operation of your business or managed residential property. A breakdown can catch you off guard when you are at your busiest, resulting in expensive downtime for the traffic in your operation, or frustrated residents likely to be impatient with having to wait for entrance to or egress from their homes. How quickly you can respond to the emergency and have the automated gate serviced and up and running again can be important to maintaining strong client relationships.

Developing a partnership with a reputable gate service company is the most important step you can take in ensuring your automatic gate is in top working condition. Don’t wait till you experience one of these emergencies to frantically search for someone to repair your gate:

  • Gate won’t open or close.
  • Gate opens or closes when it’s not supposed to.
  • Interference with antenna prevents proper opening and closing.
  • Mechanical problems prevent gate from closing.
  • Electrical problems, with the power supply, photo eye, key switch or edge transmitters prevent opening and closing.
  • Remote control stops working.

Trained Troubleshooters

At Sacsdoors, our technicians are well trained in the art of troubleshooting. With solid experience working on and maintaining a wide range of automatic openers and gates of every type, we can home in on the problem and have you up and running with minimal downtime. We understand that it’s a hassle for you to have to assign an employee to operate the gate manually, or even worse — to have to manage it yourself. Sacsdoors has your back in an emergency breakdown — but we’re also ready to assist with your next installation or upgrade. What’s more, we can help ensure your automated gate keeps running right by providing regular maintenance