Do you need a high-speed commercial garage door? That depends.

The main difference between a garden-variety commercial garage door and the high-speed kind is – no big surprise here – that the latter opens and closes much faster. While a typical commercial overhead door operates at about 7-10 inches per second, high-speed overhead doors operate from a minimum of 24 inches per second all the way up to 100 inches per second.

Having this kind of speed, naturally, means you can move products and equipment in and out more rapidly, making your business more efficient, and reducing the amount of time your transport vehicles have to sit and idle, burning gas while they wait for the door to go up. High-speed doors also make for quicker exit in case of an emergency.

But these aren’t the only benefits high-speed overhead loading dock or garage doors offer:

6 Benefits to High-Speed Garage Doors Besides High Speed

1. High Speed Garage Doors are More Secure

Enhancing security is a paramount consideration for businesses. High-speed garage doors provide an effective solution to this. Their rapid opening and closing mechanisms reduce the window of opportunity for uninvited guests. As well, if you opt for high-speed rollup doors constructed from steel slats or durable fabric, you fortify your security measures. These doors are engineered to resist unauthorized access. It’s nearly impossible for intruders to force their way through these overhead doors.

2. High Speed Openers are Drive Operated and More Durable

High-speed overhead doors stand apart from traditional commercial garage doors by utilizing drive-operated openers. More traditional overhead doors use conventional torsion springs instead that wear down faster. This innovative design choice brings a range of benefits but the focus here is better reliability and durability. Drive motors, at the heart of high-speed door systems, boast extended cycle life. These motors are made to endure rapid cycle successions without experiencing as much wear and tear. This enhanced durability means that high-speed overhead doors are built to withstand the demanding needs of high-traffic commercial environments. As well, throughout its lifespan it will maintaining a more consistent performance. Maintenance requirements are still similar to torsion springs. You need to take care of your doors regularly.

With drive-operated openers, high-speed overhead doors provide a long-lasting solution that minimizes downtime.

3. With the Door Open Less, You Keep Out the Hot or Cold Weather

Reducing the time spent on opening and closing a garage door also translates to decreased heat or cool loss. This limits unwanted temperature intrusion each time the door is utilized. This gains even more significance when considering energy efficiency in commercial environments. Fabric high-speed overhead doors are well-suited for this purpose due to their great insulation. These overhead doors offer a robust barrier that retains interior climate control. They are a savvy choice for businesses seeking to minimize energy wastage and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

By investing in fabric high-speed garage doors, you not only enhance the operational efficiency of your facility but also contribute to energy conservation. This both reduces operational costs and environmental impact.

4. Fast Closing Garage Doors Helps Keep Any Pollutants Out

For businesses that work in controlled climates or places where there are noxious chemicals, debris or off-gassing from industrial processes, high-speed overhead doors offer a valuable solution. These garage doors reduce intrusion, contributing to a healthier work environment for employees.

By minimizing the infiltration of external elements, high-speed overhead doors help maintain the integrity of controlled climates. They also safeguard employees from potential health hazards. Whether it’s a cleanroom, a facility with strict air quality regulations, or an industrial setting with airborne contaminants, these doors provide an essential barrier that ensures employee well-being.

5. High-Speed Overhead Doors Can Save You Money

High-speed commercial rollup doors present a host of cost-efficient advantages. They’re an appealing choice to businesses seeking both affordability and long-term savings. First, these doors offer an affordable initial cost and straightforward installation. They can often be a budget-friendly choice. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and door service expenses are minimal. As mentioned before, the energy efficiency inherent to high-speed rollup doors translates into savings in overhead costs. These doors are designed to minimize heat or cool loss, reducing your energy consumption and utility bills.

Additionally, the extended lifespan of high-speed rollup doors means you’ll enjoy more time between replacement costs. This longevity ensures that your investment stretches further. They can offer reliable performance and cost savings for years to come. In essence, choosing high-speed rollup doors is a well-rounded and economically savvy decision. High-speed commercial garage doors offer cost-efficiency at every stage, from acquisition to operation.

6. Just Like Any Other Garage Door, there are Various Options to Fit Your Needs

When it comes to high-speed garage doors, businesses have a range of options to choose from. This makes them suitable for various applications and openings. These doors are incredibly versatile and can be utilized in both small and expansive entryways. High-performance overhead doors find their place in a diverse array of industries and settings. For instance, pharmaceutical facilities, food production and processing facilities, industrial businesses, and apartment complex parking garages are just a few examples of applications where high-speed garage doors are the ideal choice. With the ability to accommodate openings of various sizes, high-speed overhead doors serve as a versatile and dependable option. Are High-Speed Garage Doors Right for Your Business?

The benefits of high-speed doors are most apparent for organizations that routinely have to move traffic in and out quickly, like fire stations, or a warehouse or distribution center that handles a lot of rush orders. But a fast door can also cut down on airflow into and out of a space for better climate control, or to keep it cleaner.

Of course, because these doors deal with a lot of rapid use and you rely on them for many things, the need for regular preventive maintenance and close monitoring of the door and its parts is integral to getting the most out of the door.

Give us a call; we can help you figure out if a high-speed garage door would be a good choice for your business.