Have you ever heard of commercial light curtains? No, not those sparkly LED light curtains you see in college kids’ dorms. Commercial-grade light curtains are barriers made of infrared light that can be installed pretty much any place of entry – storefront doors, loading dock overhead doors, windows.

Light Curtains are an Easy and Effective Door Security Upgrade

Light curtains are a great investment in safety and security for any business. With two sensor beams placed at either end of the area you want to protect, light curtains create a laser-like network of invisible infrared light beams that detect “reach-through”. Reach-through is when something interrupts the light between the sensor beams. This interruption tells the overhead door not to lower, ensuring everyone stays safe and monitoring breaches of the doorway.

The great thing about light curtains is how simple of a device they are for how big an effect they can have. They’re made in tonnes of sizes, they’re easy to install, and they require little-to-no maintenance. All they need is a power source and a bit of tuning to the correct distance, and you’ve instantly super-charged the safety and security of your business. Their ability to see reach-through events and prevent overhead doors from closing adds safety to your business. Light curtains offer a great way to reinforce the safety and security measures of any business.