So, obviously we place a heavy focus on safety here at SACS. When you’re dealing with heavy equipment, truck trailer doors, or loading dock overhead doors, things are a bit more complicated than, say, bringing in your groceries after a trip to the store. Freight trucks, industrial dollies and jacks, and skid after skid of products make it important to follow safety precautions and OSHA processes. Even your truck doors can fail on you. Yet another thing you have maintain and have training on and every time, you’re wondering why you need training on a door.

Everyone has had those mandatory HASP meetings at 6 in the morning. They’re boring. But they’re necessary for keeping your business running smoothly and your employees safe. But sometimes we need a break from all the cautionary tales of that one guy who didn’t follow the rules and ended up marred, or worse, dead. Sometimes carelessness just results in hilarity, not tragedy, even when it comes to things as serious as overhead loading dock and truck trailer doors. Take a look at these videos and lighten up a little:

This guy clearly forgot to lower the platform. We admire his commitment to holding onto that dolly, though:

Um, those yellow cautionary lines are there for a reason, sir:

This guy may have skipped a necessary step to getting that inventory out of the truck. 2/10:

And this is why we always communicate with the driver; neither of you can see past that trailer door: