One of the less common choices for a commercial entry door is the revolving door, which is typically glass, and is associated in many people’s minds with specialized locations such as airports, train stations, malls and public buildings. But while probably not the best choice for some businesses, the revolving door does offer some strong benefits to consider.

Climate control

Many types of doors can help you control transfer of heat from inside to outside or vice versa, thus helping maintain internal temperature and save on heating and air conditioning expenses. Revolving doors are very effective in this area, as they essentially create an airlock between the interior of a building and the environment outside.

They can be especially useful in this way in a building that has an elevator. When both an exterior door and the elevator doors are open in a building the elevator acts as a kind of chimney, sucking in air from the outside; a revolving door prevents this.

And the more a revolving door gets used, the better job it does at reducing in-and-out airflow. Scientific studies have actually shown that as traffic through a revolving door goes up, air leakage goes down.

Handling high traffic

Revolving doors allow large numbers of people to move through them easily and quickly, with traffic going both ways at the same time. They block street noise and odors, and are quiet in operation. They also make entering a building easy for people with their hands full.

A revolving door can also show its value in an emergency situation. If people need to be evacuated quickly, some revolving doors can be set to stay open; the wings of the door collapse parallel to each other, creating two passageways out of the building.

Making an impression

Of course, one of the important things a business’s main entry door needs to do is make the right impression on visitors. Depending upon what kind of business you have, the impression made by a glass revolving door – which probably tends to be associated in the minds of many people with large, prestigious institutions – may or may not be what you’re looking for.