The commercial door market isn’t something a lot of us think about when we think about stocks, industries, market fluctuations, etc. But it’s actually a decent sized industry, and it’s only growing. Estimates are that by 2025 the commercial door market will be worth $61 billion. Why? Well, countries are expanding their commercial development and we have climate change and energy efficiency to worry about. Also, believe it or not, trends even affect this projection.

Global Markets and Skyrocketing Commercial Door Installation

We expect to see increases in commercial door installation most in countries that are expanding their real estate activities. Particularly, the hospitality industry in regions like the Middle East and North Africa is growing at a pretty quick rate. China as well is increasing its demands on the commercial door market. But it isn’t just areas requiring new storefront door installations- Europe is increasing its demand as well, but more for renovating and retrofitting existing buildings to update them and make them more sustainable.

Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and the Future of Storefront Doors

As climate change worsens, old and new businesses alike are looking for door and window solutions that are attractive but also energy efficient. Right now, hinged/swinging doors are by far the most common type of door you’ll find on a business’ entry. But forecasts predict that revolving doors will become a more common commercial door install because of their ease of use, low rate of energy loss, and ability to aid in indoor temperature control. So get ready to see more of these in the next few years, because as building codes get stricter, even existing businesses are going to have to consider switching out their old doors for doors that are more energy-friendly.

Trends Influencing Why Exterior Wood Doors are Leading the Charge

Considering we have composite materials like fiberglass, as well as sturdy metals like aluminum and steel, you probably wouldn’t expect that wood is becoming a more and more popular option for storefront doors. But the advantages of good hardwoods, local or imported, like insulating features and sturdiness, coupled with trends like vintage looks, natural/rustic looks, or even the renovations of older buildings we mentioned before, mean there’s a growing demand for exterior wood doors on business fronts. Regions like the Middle East and Northern and Western Europe are some of the places with the highest demand for commercial wooden doors.

See? There’s more to the commercial door market than you’d think.