So, we’ve written before about how the right commercial door hardware can make your business cleaner and more hygienic; it’s a big concern for everyone. Not just now, but moving forward in this second year of what seems like an endless pandemic. But did you know that it’s not just fire-rated walls, insulation, doors and windows that affect how fire-resistant your workplace is?


Believe it or not, when it comes to fire safety, the devil is in the details. The right commercial door hardware can make all the difference when your business is confronted with a potential disaster like a fire. Let’s take a look at how the right reinforced door hardware and automation access can improve the safety of your business:


How Commercial Door Hardware can Make Your Business Safer

First of all, there are certain standard aspects to commercial door hardware that already start you off on the right foot in case of a fire. Building codes require knobs, handles, hinges and openers that are much hardier than their residential counterparts. Keyless entry lets you quickly exit a room that’s engulfed in flames without having to grab a searing-hot doorknob.


But here are some other things, required or not, that show the importance of commercial door hardware for quick egress during a fire:


Fire-Rated Hinges are The Unsung Heroes of Emergency Doors

Just like fire doors, hinges need to be fire-rated. Solid steel construction ensures they won’t warp or melt under extreme heat. Avoid spring-assisted hinges on fire doors and go for Grade 1 fire-rated commercial door hinges with a 3-hour fire rating for maximum protection.


While designated fireproof rooms might be available for those with disabilities, fire safety should be a priority for everyone. Fire-rated commercial door hinges can address ADA compliance concerns with features like low opening force and slowed closing speed, making them easier to use for everyone. Consult your door installation company for models that meet these needs.


Smoke Gaskets Help Seal the Deal Against Smoke

Think of smoke gaskets as heavy-duty weather stripping for interior doors. These rubberized seals completely block the gap between the door and the floor, significantly reducing smoke infiltration. Smoke gaskets also block air, sound, and even weather, making them a versatile option for exterior doors as well since they’re UV resistant.


Self-Latching Hardware Saves Seconds That Could Save Lives

Self-latching hardware takes the guesswork out of fire emergencies. These doors automatically latch shut, eliminating the need to manually close them during an evacuation. This can save precious seconds in a critical situation and ensure the door remains closed behind you, creating a barrier against the fire.


Beyond fire safety, self-latching hardware promotes ADA compliance and energy efficiency. They’re also a great way to supplement access control systems in secure areas.


Panic Hardware Like Bars is A Must-Have for Emergencies

In commercial settings, prioritizing safety is crucial. Panic hardware or push bars, ensures a smooth and swift exit during emergencies. These easy-to-use bars unlock doors with minimal pressure applied in any direction, allowing occupants to quickly exit in case of fire or other crises.


Building codes mandate panic hardware for most public buildings, but it’s a wise investment for any commercial property owner. They come in various configurations to suit different door types and security needs. Some models even integrate with access control systems, providing extra security after an emergency exit.


Every Door is a Security Door with the Right Commercial Door Hardware

If you think about it, all the reinforced commercial door hardware you need or should have installed in your facility serve to make your business more secure even when it’s not on fire. Which hopefully is almost all the time…


    • Reinforced hinges make a security door even more break-in-resistant and ADA-friendly.
    • Self-latching door handles increase energy efficiency and eliminate the possibility of forgetting to close a door.
    • Smoke gaskets mean pests can’t get into your facility, and they seal weather out, aiding in temperature control.


Pair these pieces of commercial door hardware with additional hardware, like keypads or RFID scanners, video, and remote monitoring programs.


Not only will it ensure every port of entry and exit to your business is safe from outside factors, it makes sure your employees are safe in case of emergencies.


Door & Gate Automation is Never a Bad Choice

A great way to top off your commercial door hardware upgrade is to add door and gate automation. Automating gates and doors at your facility increases the energy efficiency of your business, making every point of entry into a security door. Restrict interior spaces for authorized personnel only and remotely operate the gate to your lot. Change key codes or card swipe authorization with extremely simple procedures that are far superior to dealing with locks and keys.


If your business needs to upgrade its fire safety features, either to meet code or because we’re all always preparing for the next wildfire season, consider all the other advantages of upgrading your commercial door hardware. In adverse situations like extreme weather, fire, riots or break-ins, something as simple as the right hinges might make all the difference.