Your storefront doors and windows are the face of your business. They need to be attractive, secure, and function properly so people can move in and out. And they’re not typically the highest-risk portal into your business when it comes to break-ins, because doors facing the street are hard to break into unnoticed. But what about those utility doors on the back of your building? You know, the steel security doors you use to move inventory and personnel in and out. Exterior steel doors are definitely secure, as well as durable and reliable, but they’re not impervious to break-ins, especially if you’re still using a knob-and-lock door for security. Locks are not hard to pick, and doors only anchored by the knob on the opening side can be kicked in – even steel ones. What’s the solution? Automated commercial door hardware.

How Automated Commercial Door Hardware Increases Security

Even fully-automated doors still require a lock and key. But we’re not talking about traditional locks and keys anymore. There are a few different types of commercial-grade hardware you can replace your traditional locks and keys with. They come in Grade 1, 2 or 3 – Grade 1 being for heavy-duty, industrial use and Grade 3 being for interior security doors.

  • Electric deadbolt locks are a great option if you want to automate your security door without having to completely retrofit or replace it. It relies on an electric current to throw the deadbolt into the frame.
  • You’ve probably seen electric strike locks inside medical facilities. These also require minimal retrofitting, and use a wall switch to electronically request the door to open.
  • Maglocks use an electromagnetic current to keep the door closed. This type of door hardware is ideal for automated sliding glass entry doors.

All these types of locks can be paired with smart tech to allow remote operation and remote monitoring of the door. You can also set up security features that record who is opening and closing the door. Pretty cool, right?

How Smart Locks Increase Your Business’ Efficiency

The great thing about updating security measures at your business is that a symptom is increased efficiency. Entry and exit becomes more efficient, saving time during, say, loading and unloading inventory. And opening and closing becomes more efficient, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing utility bills. Also, consider how many times you’ve had to get new locks and keys made each time an employee leaves without returning their keys. You don’t have that problem with automated access like keypads or sliding cards, because you can simply change a code or revoke its access. Everybody loves streamlining. It opens up time and opportunity for better productivity.

If you’re considering adding automated commercial door hardware to your facility’s security doors, or want to include it in your next door installation, talk to a professional in commercial door installation and repair. They’ll be able to give you the options best for your specific facility and needs.