If you’re a business owner, you know that your entry doors are most of your storefront’s curb appeal. And especially if you’re in a business like retail or grocery, you likely want doors that let potential customers on the outside can see into your business and know what you’re about before entering. This is why a lot of businesses choose glass for their entry doors – it’s simple, strong and provides light and uninterrupted line of sight from the outside. But entry doors aren’t just about the appearance; the way they work (like how easy it is to enter and exit your store) is also pretty important to potential patrons.

Why Pair Aluminum with Glass for Exterior Double Doors

Aluminum is often overlooked for jobs like these, but there are a ton of good reasons to frame your glass entry doors with aluminum frames, especially if they’re double doors and especially if they work manually.

  • Lightweight: Aluminum isn’t going to add a significant amount of weight to a heavy glass door, making it easy for people to open and close the doors.
  • Weather Resistant: Aluminum resists warp, corrosion, and has a stable structure that isn’t affected by humidity.
  • Fire Resistant: Pairing aluminum with glass is going to make your storefront essentially fire-proof.
  • Low cost and low maintenance
  • Easy to repair and replace

Seek Out the Expertise of an Exterior Door Installer for Your Storefront

As Sacramento’s foremost exterior door installers, we are experts at all things commercial-door-related. Whenever you’re looking to invest a chunk of your business’ money into something as important (both to appearance and security) as your storefront doors, it’s always best to ask people like us for advice. We can provide options for any need, and counsel on what would be best for your business, and any of our technicians will tell you – framing your glass entry doors with aluminum is just an all-around smart choice.