Selecting double glass entry doors for your storefront is a popular choice. It involves considerations like openness, security, and maximizing natural light. It’s easy to see why, commercial glass entryways can bring a storefront to life. It’s likely you also updated your business’s fire plan, accounting for these new doors and their potential impact on your Plan of Action (POA). However, the operational aspects of these commercial doors during emergencies are equally significant for firefighters. As a result, they have specific strategies in place.

Contrary to common belief, the approach of the Sacramento Fire Department, for instance, doesn’t involve immediately breaking the glass to gain entry during a fire rescue. Surprisingly, their operational protocol advises against this standard practice. Want to know why? Understanding their methodology offers valuable insights into how emergency responders strategize entry into burning buildings.

Learn from a Sacramento firefighter why it’s important to know how to enter a building with double glass entry doors: