In a time where protecting your business goes far beyond mere locks and alarms, fortifying your commercial space has become a focus. Criminal activities targeting commercial buildings demand a proactive approach to security. You need to have a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond conventional measures. Your security cameras are only good for insurance once they’ve broken through your storefront’s glass doors.

Let’s go over a proactive approach to securing your commercial building. We’ll offer you practical insights into bolstering your business’s defenses against intruders. From robust security systems to strategic design choices, these tips are meant to empower businesses. These are some effective ways to deter and prevent unauthorized access and criminal activities.

1. Be loud about your security system.

We’re talking zero dark corners. Install enough lighting around exterior of the building, and keep enough of the interior well-lit, to deter burglars. Pair this with security cameras you can control, record and monitor remotely via Wi-Fi. Add an alarm system that is almost obnoxious, and you’ll silently let any potential intruder know that burglarizing your business will not be an easy job.

2. Reinforce your business’ exterior doors.

Get security grilles for your storefront doors and windows, choose an industrial-grade gate opener and automated gate system, and install heavy-duty commercial security hardware on your exterior doors. Security doors can be installed at the back, but a security grille can wonderfully protect a glass storefront door.

3. Keep valuables out of sight.

Don’t have any expensive equipment or valuable inventory within easy sight and reach of any glass windows or doors. High-value items in full view of the street make your business tempting to people with bad intentions. For instance, jewelers should cover glass display cases at the end of each business day. Many small businesses are also choosing to protect their facility and their employees by posting notices that the cash drawer only contains a limited amount of money at a time. This deters anyone who thinks robbing your cash register would be a big-profit theft.

4. Track and monitor access.

We’re talking digital keypads, keycards or RFID access, remote access via smartphones – every security door and automated gate should have the ability to track entry and exit so you always know who’s coming in and out, and when.

5. Swap out glass with safety glass.

Many small businesses love the look of aluminum and glass storefront doors because they allow you to show potential customers what you’re about before they even enter your store. But don’t rely on typical door and window glass to keep your storefront safe. Choose treated glass, like tempered or safety. You can also get reinforced glass or security films that make what a thief might think is a simple rock-through-window break-in into a virtually shatterproof situation.

6. Keep your storefront looking ship-shape.

In all kinds of real estate, curb appeal is a real thing. It ups the attractiveness of your business, and the value of your property. But it also deters people with bad intentions. Keeping your storefront clean, well-maintained, and your landscaping neat sends a signal to potential vandals that you pay attention to the details of your business, and any break-in won’t be overlooked. This is especially important following any break in attempt. If your storefront’s glass door is broken, it should be boarded up immediately. It’s a sign of weakness for your store to have any broken glass or doorways visible.

7. Install a Sturdy Security Door for Any Back Entryways

Securing your back entryway with a dedicated security door stands as a crucial step in fortifying your commercial space. Often considered vulnerable points of entry, back doors can be targeted by intruders seeking easy access. By installing a robust security door equipped with advanced locking mechanisms, reinforced frames, and durable materials, you create an additional layer of defense against unauthorized entry. Use security doors specifically designed to withstand forced entry attempts. They’ll offer your team peace of mind and heightened protection for your business premises.