We preach remote access systems and automation for gates, security doors, garage doors – any access point at your business because, well, it’s just objectively better than locks and bolts and keys (though we do offer locksmith services!). But just because remote access and door and gate automation is more secure than physical locks and keys, they’re not impenetrable. Lazy maintenance and a lack of mindful access “culture” at your company can render these beefed up security systems completely insecure. And hackers and disgruntled ex-employees are getting smarter by the minute when it comes to compromising automated security systems.

So how do you make sure you’re making the most of your automated gates and doors? Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your automated security secure:

Checklist for Keeping Your Automated Doors & Gates Hacker-Proof

Change access codes and/or keycards often.

Just because you don’t have to physically change your keys anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be changing your virtual keys. Just like you should change your email passwords regularly, change your access codes every so often as well, and definitely every time you have employee turnover.

Have your system regularly maintained.

Just like a lock can become rusty or worn, making it easier to pick, so, too, can neglected remote access door hardware. Weather, use and time can poke holes in even the best door and gate automation products, so have professional commercial door and gate service performed on the access hardware, software, and the doors and gates themselves once or twice a year.

Talk to your employees about best practices for access.

Make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to remote access. People shouldn’t share keycards, and if you have smartphone access or other access codes, it’s never a bad idea for each person to have their own access ID that they keep private.

Pair your remote access with cameras and motion sensors.

Both modular and integrated camera and motion sensing systems allow you to visually monitor access points to ensure that whoever’s getting in and out is supposed to be. As well, if you get a notification someone accessed a door or gate at a time outside business hours, adding visual monitoring to your automated doors and gates means you can easily see what’s going on in real time so you can call law enforcement immediately, if necessary.

Keep your software updated.

Just like leaving your computer on an outdated OS or failing to update your firewall leaves you susceptible to viruses, malware and hackers, letting your remote access software get outdated essentially opens your doors and gates to people with bad intentions. Even with residential overhead doors, outdated door hardware like old keypads are super easy to pirate, so you can imagine what a risk that is for your business. If you’re not tech savvy, just have those same pros that do your door and gate service deal with this one.

If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry; these are easy habits to keep, especially when you have commercial door and gate specialists doing the maintenance, inspections and updates for you. With these simple tips and a bit of vigilance, you’ll ensure that no matter how smart those people with bad intentions are, they won’t outsmart you.