When considering a new commercial door installation, there are several material options to choose from. Each has its advantages, but some are more appropriate for certain settings than others. For instance, business glass doors in a warehouse? Nah. Just like giant roll-up, steel overhead doors would make no sense on a grocery store. But exterior steel doors are a great choice for other places. Industrial businesses and buildings, in particular, should really consider steel for their exterior doors, as opposed to aluminum or fiberglass. Assuming everyone is clear that wood isn’t a smart option in industrial settings. But about steel doors…

Steel Doors Stand the Test of Time

If you’re looking for something that lasts a long time and can take a beating, choosing to install commercial-grade exterior steel doors is definitely the way to go. Steel costs less than fiberglass and tends to outlast it, with some steel-framed steel doors lasting as long as 30 years. What’s more, exterior steel doors are low-maintenance, even though they’re exposed to the elements and rough use. Any business with loading docks or that uses machinery of any kind needs this kind of durability.

Exterior Steel Doors Double as Security Doors

Doors made of steel, whether overhead doors or entry doors, are extremely secure, especially if the framing is also steel. While you can easily dent steel, that’s all surface damage. You’re not going to kick a steel door in no matter how hard you try. Likewise, if someone has a small mishap with a forklift or a truck trailer door, the steel door can take the heat without completely failing and leaving you with a damaged opening vulnerable to thieves. Both interior and exterior steel doors can easily be modified to be used as fire doors. And you can even get a hollow steel door with an interior filling that makes it bulletproof.

Steel Doors are Weather Resistant

Businesses located in places with extreme weather have a lot to consider when choosing exterior doors for their facility. More and more places are experiencing extreme weather, so many businesses in many places should really consider a steel commercial door installation sooner rather than later. Steel is corrosion-resistant, can’t rot or warp, and can take impact from flying branches or debris. And as they can be modified to use as fire doors, they can serve as a barrier should your building ever be in the path of a wildfire.

Consult with Your Local Exterior Door Installers

Your local commercial door installation and repair contractors likely know everything there is to know about the best uses of steel doors in various businesses. If you’re considering an exterior steel door installation, ask the pros for advice. Have them come take a look at your facility, discuss your needs and wants, and let them help you decide how best to go about the door installation.