Commercial overhead doors are kind of like giant, much heavier versions of a typical garage door you’d see on someone’s home. The infrastructure for all the moving parts are somewhat similar. But commercial doors are much heavier duty – they’re meant to withstand almost anything, and they provide secure access in and out of your warehouse space. So, if the overhead door at your business is malfunctioning, fixing it promptly is a matter of keeping your business secure and running smoothly.

Common signs your overhead door needs repaired include if it’s become really noisy over time, if the lift is uneven (does the bottom of your door seemed crooked when you open and close it?), or if the door seems to lift and lower almost too quickly for comfort. If you notice any of these things, you need to take a look at your door. Like, now.

Why You Should Maintenance Your Commercial Doors

Maintenancing the overhead door(s) at your loading dock is crucial for several reasons. The first being, you want to avoid having the issues we mentioned above and needing to take the downtime and money to have it professionally repaired, or worse, completely replaced. But other important issues a malfunctioning overhead door can cause include security risks if it isn’t closing and locking properly, safety risks for your employees if the springs are stretched or broken and aren’t properly supporting the door, and risks of not being able to load or unload inventory if the door becomes stuck closed or partially open. Some maintenance and repairs are okay to do yourself, but because these doors are so large and heavy, many times you’re going to need the help of professionals who specialize in commercial door installation and repair.

When You Should Call a Commercial Door Install and Repair Company

Before you call the experts, take a look around the door’s infrastructure (tracks, frame, springs, opener, etc.). If you notice stretched or broken springs, you’re definitely going to want that fixed ASAP, and by a professional. Weak or broken springs are a serious safety hazard, and because they deal with so much tension, trying to replace them yourself is a terrible idea.

If you can’t find anything that looks worn or broken, try lubricating every moving part on the door and see if that improves its function. If not, cover all your bases by switching the remote battery and making sure the photo eyes are clean. If after all this, you’ve still got noise, the door is off track, or it’s still not opening and closing correctly, call a professional. There are a lot of things it could be that someone who specializes in commercial door installation and repair will be able to identify and advise you on how to fix. It’s wise to call someone and pay for repair than ignore the issue or deal with it being just kind of fixed from your DIY repairs, because in the end, the potential costs of a security breach, an employee accident, or having to completely replace your overhead door are all a lot more expensive that getting it repaired by a pro.