Every business needs a facelift once in a while. Entryway doors wear out, old storefront windows crack and side security doors get banged up until they look a mess. Retail, perhaps, is one of the business sectors where curb appeal has the ability to make or break your success. So whether you’re installing new street-facing doors and windows, doing a whole renovation and installation of a storefront system, or doing some small retrofits, consider what’s on-trend in small commercial business design right now:

  1. Energy-efficiency. Happily, some of the most energy-efficient doors are also a very contemporary aesthetic. For instance, full-view glass and aluminum overhead doors are modern, welcoming and high-end looking, especially for boutique business entryways, and they’re energy-efficient to boot!
  2. Natural light. This is another place those glass overhead doors stand out, but double sliding glass doors do just as well. Spaces filled with natural light and stores you can see inside from the street attract passersby and make both customer and employee experience better.
  3. Plants. Whether you place potted plants in your storefront windows or put planters on their outer panes, space design that features plants is really in right now, especially with the younger generations.
  4. Smart technology. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to automate all your outdoor entries – from your storefront to your security grilles or gate openers.
  5. Stone. Everyone is into marble right now, especially on counter surfaces. Add an upscale and historic vibe to your store’s thresholds and window panes by going back to marble.
  6. Sustainability. This is another area where natural materials shine. Wood, aluminum, stone; smart tech climate control; integrated door opener systems – these are all ways to make your storefront, and your whole shop, more sustainable.
  7. Wood. That means wooden doors are back in style – exterior and interior. Well, were they ever out?

Considering a bit of a storefront makeover so your shop can stay in-style? Get in touch for a consultation!