When it comes to garage door installation, maintenance and repair, there’s a reason those professional door installers exist. Overhead doors of all kinds can pose serious risk to people and property if not properly installed, maintenanced or repaired. And if there is one thing we’d like to help business owners avoid, it’s a garage door injury.

Quality commercial garage doors are generally strong and durable, and even with heavy use, will last for many years. After all, the panels and other parts were designed to stand up to a strenuous workout, all day long. But any equipment that undergoes frequent usage also requires frequent maintenance. This is particularly true for the roll-up style doors favored at warehouses and in a variety of other commercial settings.

Overhead doors have many moving parts that can rust, come off track, bend or break. When you continue to operate an overhead garage door of any kind when you can tell something’s off, you’ll end up causing a domino effect of problems that could lead to some costly overhead door service.

Hazards of a Commercial Overhead Panel

If you’re like most business owners, you probably use your garage door all day long, opening and closing it as needed, scores of times each day. Because the full weight of these doors is balanced by springs, it’s easy to miscalculate how heavy the panels are. On average, commercial overhead door panels can weigh as much as 400 pounds or more.

You don’t want a door like this to come down full-force, damaging property, or worse, injuring an employee. Although not often publicized, garage door injuries do happen and are always a concern. The best way to prevent property damage or injury is to ensure you stay on top of maintenance. Commercial overhead doors and their openers are designed with safety measures in mind. But they need to be kept in good order for those safety measures to remain effective.

Overhead Door Tune-ups for Businesses

One of the most beneficial investments a business owner can make is to schedule regular garage door inspections and tune-ups. When you sign up for periodic inspections, a professional technician will come and check out your panel and parts for signs of damage and wear-and-tear, then test it for safety. If damage or significant wear is found, you can have the parts replaced before it becomes a problem. Just like a car, a little maintenance here and there costs a lot less than a catastrophic failure, not just in repair costs, but in the down time your business deals with while its overhead doors are out of commission. A commercial door installation, maintenance and repair company is there to do that for you, with an expert eye, so you don’t have any awful surprises down the road.