You Need a Rapid Response Team for Your Storefront Glass Door Emergency

When you’re faced with a repair to your commercial glass entry doors, you don’t want to be kept waiting. The safety of your customers, your employees and your property depends on a quick response. That’s where Sacs Door and Gate Corp. has you covered. We’re ready to hit the ground running for your door repair emergency 24/7, minimizing your worry time and putting you back in business quickly and efficiently.

When Glass Doors Break

Today’s safety glasses are designed to withstand breaks and shattering, but a persistent attacker with the right tools can cause some damage. Regardless of whether the attempt results in a break-in, if the grass cracks you will still need to replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise you may be faced with closing the business, paying someone to guard the entrance, or worrying about keeping customers, employees and the public safe from broken glass. Plus, a break-in attempt, even if it’s just an attempt, sends a negative message about the safety of your business location. You want the mess cleaned up, the glass swept away and the glass door repaired.

Cleaning Up Broken Glass

It’s also wise not to have your own employees attempt to clean up broken glass. At Sacs Door and Gate Corp., we know how to safely deal with shattered glass, so that you or your employees don’t risk injury. Our team of qualified technicians are trained and ready to deal with any storefront door emergency. We’ll find the right glass for your compromised door or window if it’s available locally; if there’s a need to wait for special glass to be delivered, we’ll provide secure board-up until your special order glass arrives.

So here’s hoping you’re not faced with a commercial glass entry door or window emergency anytime soon, but if you are, call Sacs and Gate Corp. We’ve got you covered 24/7.