You Need a Rapid Response Team for Your Storefront Glass Door Emergency

Most of us probably flinch when we hear the distinctive sound of shattering glass. And if you’re the owner of a business that sports a glass entry door, hearing that jarring noise – or discovering its aftermath later on your walkway out front – can be an even more unsettling experience. It means that you will have to act immediately to keep your customers and workers safe from possible injury, and to get your commercial glass door replaced as soon as you possibly can.

Not to worry. That’s where Sacs Door and Gate Corp. has you covered. We’re ready and on call 24/7 to hit the ground running for your door repair emergency, minimizing your worry time and putting you back in business quickly and efficiently.

When Glass Doors Break

The tempered safety glass that’s used in today’s commercial entry doors is made strong enough to resist breaking and shattering, but a determined attacker with the right tools can cause some damage. Even if the assailant doesn’t get in, but only cracks the glass, you will still need to replace it as quickly as you can. Having shattered glass on the premises puts customers, employees and the public at risk of injury, so you may have to close for business, pay someone to guard the entrance, or take other measures. Whatever they are, you will want to minimize the time it takes for proper cleanup and storefront glass door repair – even more so as the sight of a fractured entry door makes your location seem less than safe.

In the event of a glass door breakage, it’s imperative to promptly reach out to your glass door replacement professionals. However, if there’s suspicion of a break-in, your initial action should be to contact law enforcement immediately. It’s crucial not to enter your building if there’s a concern that an intruder might still be present. You should always prioritize your safety while awaiting the arrival of authorities. After calling law enforcement, you can also call your emergency glass door replacement team. Any business owner should have both the law and an emergency glass repair team on speed dial. Swiftly engaging both glass door replacement experts and law enforcement ensures a comprehensive response to the situation. By working quickly, you can protect both your property and personal well-being.

Cleaning Up Broken Glass Will Be Done by The Emergency Repair Team

In addition to replacing your broken glass panel, your commercial door and window professionals should be the ones to handle cleaning up the broken bits of the old one, rather than you having your employees trying to do it. At Sacs Door and Gate Corp., we know how to safely deal with shattered glass, so that you or your staff don’t risk injury. Our team of qualified technicians is trained and ready to deal with any storefront door emergency. We’ll find the right glass for your compromised door or window right away if it’s available locally, and if there’s a wait time for special glass to be delivered, we’ll provide secure board-up until it arrives.While we hope you won’t encounter a commercial glass entry door or window emergency anytime soon, it’s reassuring to know that Sacs and Gate Corp is here for you whenever the need arises. Whether it’s day or night, we stand ready to provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring that you are covered around the clock. In the event of an emergency, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’ve got you covered, 24/7.