Your fleet’s trailer doors serve as linchpins in the transportation process. They bear immense responsibility throughout each journey. Commercial truck doors shoulder the weight of tens of thousands of pounds of inventory. This demands durability while remaining operable by a single person. Enduring constant exposure to varying weather conditions during hundreds or even thousands of miles of travel, these doors need to withstand the harshest elements.

There’s constant wear from the scorching sun to rain, road debris, corrosive road salt, and the impact of wind-blown objects. Every mile inflicts wear on the commercial-grade hardware of tractor trailer doors. Over time these elements will gradually compromise the structural integrity of trailer doors. This could eventually jeopardize their functionality and take your truck out of commission.

Malfunctioning or damaged tractor trailer doors present significant hazards. They’re a threat only to the driver but also to other highway travelers and individuals unloading cargo at loading docks. Truck trailer doors are a key part of an efficient and safe loading and unloading process. Their dysfunction has huge knock-on effects for your process. Trailer doors are more than just entryways. Truck doors are guardians of cargo integrity and road safety. As components integral to the transportation process, their maintenance and upkeep impacts the safety of the driver and the goods being transported.

But how do you know your trailer doors need some TLC? Let’s discuss best practices for taking care of your freight truck doors:

    • Regularly inspect the condition of the overhead door’s cables. Frayed, cracked, loose, or otherwise damaged cables are a danger and should be replaced immediately. It’s a cheap repair that can prevent catastrophic damage to the trailer door.
    • Regularly lubricate your commercial truck’s hinges and springs to relieve friction for when the trailer’s rollup door is moving. This will reduce wear and tear on the overhead door’s parts, and keep movement smooth and efficient.
    • Check the trailer door’s tracks often to ensure the rollers are all intact and the tracks are not bent, rusted or dirty.
    • Be gentle with the truck’s trailer door. You shouldn’t need much force to open or close it. If you do, it’s time for a tune up by a pro in exterior commercial truck doors.
    • Check the truck trailer door’s weather-stripping on a regular basis. If your weather-stripping gives out, you can let moisture into your trailer. It’s a quick and easy fix to replace it.
    • Make sure you have door hold backs and make sure they keep working. These prevent your tractor trailer doors from swinging open or closing harshly. They extend the lifespan on your door dramatically.
    • Keep emergency repair and cleaning tools on hand. If you need to repair a part on the road, make sure you have the tools to do so safely. Same thing goes for if any gunk gets stuck in any of the trailer doors parts or perhaps on the paint of the truck door.

With all types of truck trailer doors, overhead or swing, the key to keeping on top of the door’s condition is to pay attention. Listen to your drivers when they tell you it’s making a weird rattling sound, replace parts the moment you notice they’re compromised, and learn to keep the trailer door’s hardware cleaned and lubricated. That way, you’ll have a super-safe, easy-to-use freight truck door that lasts a long time.