Even if you run a business and have had commercial doors installed at your facility, “I wonder what’s up in the global overhead door market,” is probably not a thought you have. There are many industries like ours that are necessary, but aren’t necessarily visible. Have you ever thought about the chemists that make the traffic paint all over roads and parking lots? Or the guys who mix the rubber for car tires or engine belts? Nope. But society at large couldn’t function without them. Well, our market is very much the same. Commercial overhead doors, gates and gate automation, tractor trailer doors – these aren’t products, they’re entire industries with supply lines, workforces and distribution chains. And much like it’s been hard to find your favorite coffee at the grocery store lately because of COVID’s effects on supply lines, we’ve had some difficulties, too.

Gate Automation and Manufacturing Issues

At first, you’d think industries like commercial door hardware and gate automation would be some of the few to thrive during the pandemic; the more we automate heavily used doors and gate openers at businesses, the less interaction and transfer of bacteria from user to user. But it hasn’t been that simple – it never is. Mass lockdowns in dozens of countries, travel bans on products and people, and social distancing have all negatively impacted the commercial door and gate automation market. Some of us haven’t been able to get our favorite parts and raw materials. Some of us have had workforce shortages due to budget cuts, illness, or to fit requirements for social distancing inside facilities which, frankly, aren’t designed for that. Gate sales are down because businesses aren’t spending money. Business shutdowns and limits on distribution chains have crippled supply lines. It’s been a hard couple of years.

Overhead Door Systems Industry: Looking Forward

Despite the fact that times are tough right now, it looks like there is hope on the horizon. Market analysts and researchers are predicting that 2021-2027 is going to be a period of significant growth for commercial door industries like gate automation, commercial overhead doors, commercial entry doors and commercial door hardware. Why? Businesses are changing the way they do things, especially with regard to supply lines. After all, it’s unlikely COVID-19 is the last pandemic we’ll see; we’re already feeling the aftershocks of the Lambda and Delta variants. So, yeah, automating commercial door hardware and gate openers is a great long-term solution to cross-contamination in workplaces. But first we have to rebuild our infrastructure in a way that is resistant to the negative effects of another global pandemic. Then we can get back to growing. We’re working on it.